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A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture can change the world. A picture can change you, can challenge you - to think and to act. Let’s be inspired! Together, here and now. Two female performers on stage are playing, documenting and exploring the story behind the picture. They are telling us about well known and lesser known people. Stories of young heroes and world-famous icons. About people, who put their visions into action and take responsibility. About those who act, who break the rules, question traditions and dare to shape the future. For the world can be changed. Your body is your tool. The revolution starts now. Let’s begin.


The BIG Picture is a playful production about empathy and empowerment. A guided tour de force and a self-made world exhibition. A declaration of love to the infinite human ingenuity - seductive, humorous, utopian and confronting. A picture is worth a thousand words - The BIG Picture hast he power of 20.000 words.

Press photos are free to download exclusively for press purposes with mention of photographer Thomas Mohn.

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