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We bring issues to the stage that concern you.

We translate your topics into aesthetic forms.

We make current issues emotionally tangible.




Cornelia Kupferschmid, Silvia Andringa, Leandro Kees and David Kilinc are four theatre professionals of Argentinian, Dutch and German origin. They have many years of experience in youth theatre as well as in choreography, education, directing, production, organising festivals and giving workshop, working as directors and actors. Their award-winning productions tour nationally and internationally and have been invited to various festivals.

They always seek to deal with political and social issues. With their surprising and unconventional style and aesthetics they are always close to their audience.

Directed and choreographed by Leandro Kees
Artistic Director: Cornelia Kupferschmid
Cast: Silvia Andringa, Cornelia Kupferschmid
Assistant Director & Education: David Kilinc
Light: Paul Jonker
Technicians: David Kilinc, Leon Bluhm
Marketing & Communication: Kerstin Stienemann
Photography: Thomas Mohn
Graphic Design: Vera Wessel
English translation: Christian Cadenbach
g: Corinna Riesz


Cornelia Kupferschmid

For over twenty years Cornelia Kupferschmid has been working successfully as an actress, scriptwriter, director, festival director (Neue Wände - Theater Münster; Festival der Demokratie - Theater im Pumpenhaus) and lecturer in performative theatre and communication in Germany, the Netherlands and Argentina. After her training, she had been part of the actors ensemble at Münster Theatre before deciding to go freelance. After numerous engagements at various theatres and collaborations with independent groups, both in Germany and the Netherlands, she founded the performance collective Fetter Fisch in 2006 together with actor Jan Sturmius Becker and dramaturg Heike Kortenkamp. In 2015, she became the sole artistic director of the company. Together with her colleague Carola von Seckendorff, Cornelia is also responsible for the creative direction of Stadtensemble Münster, a fluid alliance of about 150 artists from different artistic disciplines who realise independent art and theatre projects on various topics, in different formats and in varying combinations. She is also part of the artistic team that is committed to the development of a children's and youth cultural centre in Münster.

Leo Kees

Leo Kees is an Argentinian/German artist who works in the fields of theatre, media, dance, and performance. His creative process revolves around the question of how to stage philosophical and political questions for a wide range of audiences. His productions have toured in more than 20 countries - often in collaboration with the Goethe Institute - and have been performed in venues such as the Sydney Opera House or Sadler’s Wells in London. He is a guest lecturer at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Germany, where he’s currently researching the intersection of artistic, scientific, and entrepreneurial knowledge. I Theater.

Silvia Andringa
Silvia Andringa grew up in the Netherlands and studied Stage Directing at the School of Arts in Amsterdam. Working for various theatres and companies made her a cross-border commuter between the Netherlands and Germany since 1995. She has also been working as a director in Curaçao for a number of years.
Silvia develops her own plays, writes text adaptations and stages new texts. She is artistic director, co-founder and director at various theatres and companies, including Het Laagland in Sittard, De Jonge Republiek in Amsterdam, International Children's and Youth Theatre Festival HALBSTARK in Münster, Teatro KadaKen in Curaçao, COMEDIA Köln, Theaterhaus Ensemble Frankfurt and Theater Fetter Fisch in Münster, where she also appears on stage as a performer together with Cornelia Kupferschmid. Since 2016 she is artistic director of the multilingual company KING'S MEN in Rheine / Enschede. Several of her projects, texts and concepts have won awards and are currently on the repertoire at various theatres. Silvia's work is diverse on many levels: the topics of her work are current social and political issues, always close to the experience realm of her respective audience. Actors get the chance to become co-creators in the rehearsal process. Besides her work with professional actors, Silvia also directs community projects with both professionals and amateurs and experiments with different languages on stage. She creates plays and performances for children as well as for adults, in theatres, in the classroom, on location and open-air. 

David Kilinc
David Kilinç gained his first stage experience as a member of the Duisburg Dance Theatre with guest performances in Washington and New York. Since he graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück (B.A. in Theatre pedagogy), he has been working as a freelance drama teacher in several interdisciplinary projects, mainly with children and young people for different institutions (Jugendkunstschule im Kreativ-Haus, Zentrum für Literatur - Burg Hülshoff)

As an actor for youth theatre he has been working for echtzeit theater (Münster) and Theater Marabu (Bonn) in “Der Bär, der nicht da war“ (The bear who wasn’t there).

Parallel to his work in theatre and dance education, he is studying for a Master's degree in Scenic Research at the Ruhr University Bochum (with Sven Lindholm from Hofmann & Lindholm, Billinger & Schulz and Rimini Protokoll, among others). Since 2017 he has been working with the Cologne based performance artist Thomas Bartling in the collective "Çakey Blond" on various performative formats. Their work "Let's Talk About Love" was invited to FAVORITEN Festival in 2018. For Fetter Fisch - Performance I Theater he has been working in the field of theatre pedagogy and as an artistic assistant since 2017.

Leon Bluhm

Leon Bluhm has been living in Münster since 2020. While studying for his Bachelor's degree in theatre education at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, he began working as an actor, drama teacher and presenter. After completing a Master's degree in "Culture and Media Management" in Hamburg, he started working as a freelance drama teacher, actor and cultural manager. Now he mostly works regionally but also nationwide. He still takes acting jobs in films as well as on stage, assists theatre productions and is committed to the cultural community in Münster. Previous collaborations include: Placebo Theater Münster, noNOkultur – Initiative der freien Kulturszene Münster, Referat Kinder und Jugend des Erzbistums Hamburg, Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Theaterpädagogische Werkstatt Osnabrück (Workshop theatre pedagogy), RedeKunstWerk – Ausbildung für freie Redner (Training for Freelance Speakers) and Fachverband Kulturmanagement (Association Cultural Management).


Kerstin Stienemann

Kerstin Stienemann discovered her love of theatre on the stages of the Ruhr region. She studied German, philosophy and sociology in Essen and Münster and cultural management in Dortmund. After her studies she worked as an intern and freelancer at various theatres and cultural institutions such as Schauspielhaus Dortmund, Theater Bremen, Goethe Institute Glasgow, Goethe Institute Pune (India). Since 2009 she has been working as a cultural manager for national and international cultural institutions. As an employee of the Kulturbüro Münster (Münster Cultural Council), she took over the project management for the International Children's and Youth Theatre Festival HALBSTARK and the International Poetry Convention Münster, among others, until 2016. She is co-founder and curator of the Indian Film Festival "Chalo India" and the Indian Film Days Münster and writes as a freelance editor for film magazine ISHQ. Since 2015 she has been working as project and production manager for Fetter Fisch - Performance.

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