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"Encourages to think and act"

We are offering workshops for those, who want to get to know the work of Fetter Fisch better. The workshops are suitable for school classes, teachers, professionals, theatre-makers, students and all those, who would like to gain a new or deeper insight into performative and experimental theatre.

Professionals in education are not only interested in passing on knowledge - this would hardly require a visit to the theatre. It has long been the task of educational institutions and schools to ignite in young people independent thinking and a sense of responsibility for the world in which they move. This is best done in a creative and playful way. The BIG Picture wants to pick up precisely where subjects like history, philosophy, politics and social science may reach their limits. The topics, which are presented in the performance in an accessible, fun and humorous way, are taken up in the workshop and transferred into collective action. Because no one is too young, too small, too stupid or too weak to make a difference. Do it!

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