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„What performance group Fetter Fisch brings to stage is anything but conventional theatre. It seems more like a lecture. Yet not in the classical sense but by using the tools of theatre. “You know, we are not scientists. We are performing artists“, Cornelia Kupferschmid and Silvia Andringa state right at the beginning. […] „Thanks to their charming way of presenting and commenting, this production is neither dry nor moralistic or preachy. Kupferschmid und Andringa sing, dance, scream their hearts out and directly call the audience to action. The tone is relaxed and appropriate for young people. "That will piss a lot of people off, and that's a good thing.“ - they encourage the audience to self-empowerment and civic courage, citing ever new examples where breaking rigid rules has led to achievements that are now taken for granted.“

Newspaper article Westfälische Nachrichten, November 13th, 2019

"Poverty, crises, war - currently the world seems to be the way dystopian films have been showing us for a long time. What will our future look like? How much worse can it get? All these questions are raised right at the beginning. But between a dystopian future scenario with a world in disastrous conditions and the opposite, a utopia, there is much more. Andringa and Kupferschmid introduce a new genre to their audience: Utopian Realism - an ideal world, but within the framework of reality."

Sabrina Fehring, kritik-gestalten, 2022

"The big picture that Silvia Andringa and Cornelia Kupferschmid (directed & choreographed by Leandro Kees) show, wants to encourage people who fear for future life on this planet (a fear which unfortunately is quite understandable). But instead of increasing the feeling of helplessness with realistic dystopias ,“The Big Picture" wants to give courage with many concrete examples of positive resistance in various, often creative forms and successful utopian counter-examples.

Heinz Wagner, KiJUKU Vienna 2023

The BIG Picture wins the Youth Jury Award at WESTWIND Festival 2021 

Laudatory speech of the jury:

„This play is something very special. With your natural and relaxed manner you drew us into the story. It immediately became obvious that you really believe in what you say. You managed to present serious and difficult topics in a sensitive and moving way. It was humorous and exciting at the same time. We especially liked how you made use of your bodies: A highlight here was the projection on your backs. The minimalist stage design and the elegant costumes created a perfect harmony. Congratulations! The impressive stories have touched us deeply and inspired us to make a difference ourselves.“


★  […] a great and inspiring performance, which is so important in times, when negative headlines are more common than positive reports about activists.

Daniel Wieschnewski, L.O.T., Braunschweig

 Do it! So cool and an absolute energy boost. Top-notch! 

Luca Schneider, L.O.T. Braunschweig

★  Open, honestly and very personally, [the actresses] tell the stories not only of icons who became an inspiration but also of unknown people, reminding us that there also is a story behind one's own image.

Statement of the jury at Westwind-Festival 2021

★  The performance moved me, encouraged me and made me feel stronger. [...] Also great that The BIG Picture is about young as well as old people, historical figures and personalities of our time.

Paulina Wang, student

★  All in all, The BIG Picture is a highly inspiring performance delivered by a great  artistic duo!

Karlotta Lask, student

★ I would recommend The BIG Picture to anyone who takes interest in world events, who wants to be encouraged to do certain things they are afraid to do right now. It made me think, wonder and question.  

Emma Lindemann, student


★  I’m glad I saw The BIG Picture. I’ve learned quite a few things that happened in the world which I didn't know about yet, but I am very grateful to know about those things now. 

Nina Fehlauer, student


★  The BIG Picture by Fetter Fisch is challenging, emotional and at the same time very informative. The performance succeeds brilliantly in using pictures from the past to make an appeal for the future. They make it clear to the audience that they can take their lives into their own hands and change them, that they have to change them. This is done in a way which reaches out to young audiences in particular. A socially critical and very accomplished performance!

Finja Koch, student

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